(and Washington too)


From shiny tarmac to crushed gravel to wagon roads and rocky trails — the Dalles has the best road riding in Oregon (and Washington too).

It’s not just that The Dalles has really good roads. Nor just the absence of traffic. It’s not just the scenery — chiseled out by the 1,000-foot-high Missoula Floods, set amidst rolling palouse hills with forests towering above and volcanoes punctuating the skyline. Not even the drier weather or the nice people or the history.

What makes the Dalles so good is its perfect convergence of all of these things in one place. So many roads that lead to so many more. Each road seemingly better than the last.

Because of this embarrassment of riches, I’ve chosen to create this resource as a guide to the individual roads that make The Dalles amazing — while also including a few great pre-made routes. Rather than organizing these roads based on difficulty or geographic area or pavement and gravel, I’ve organized them based on nothing more than my own personal preference. I hope you enjoy!

This page is a labor of love, but it does have costs. Thanks to Immense Imagery, a socially-responsible digital media agency based in The Dalles, for helping support this website.

How to use this website

The main attraction of this website is surely the collection of road descriptions below [keep scrollin’]. Click on any one for more details, photos, and a map of the road.

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