#10: Obrist Road • 3.9 mi • 510 ft


From a doubletrack delight to a quick gravel cruncher, Obrist Road puts you amongst the surrounding ranches with an intimacy that might have you asking, “Umm.. am I supposed to be here?”

Well, it’s on the map and there are no gates, so let’s stop asking questions.

Obrist parallels Upper Threemile/Skyline road above Dutch Flat. The top of the road is confusing to find, but once you get going, you’ll be roosting and boosting on twisty doubletrack with plenty of rocky bump-jumps. Weathered signs on trees tell you absolutely nothing—their words worn off years ago. Rusted-out cars and farm machinery from different eras punctuate the landscape, with faraway views extending below toward the North Fork of Fivemile creek and beyond to the Gorge and the tan hills of Washington.

Pretty quickly the doubletrack ends, Obrist cleans up its act with familiar crushed gravel, and you cruise back down to Dutch Flat.