#11: Eightmile Road • 17.7 mi • 1368 ft


This mystical twisting ribbon of tarmac follows 8 Mile Creek from its confluence with Fifteenmile all the way up into the hills above Dufur, where it straightens out and turns to dirt in a pleasant, pastoral valley—before turning into Walston Grade and climbing from out of the river valley and up to Pleasant Ridge.

I have fond memories of racing down the twisty tarmac section in rotation during the old Gorge Roubaix road race.

Like the other whatevermile creeks, Eightmile Creek was named after its mile marker on the Oregon Trail from the end of the road in the Dalles. The road connects to about 10 other great roads, is a dream uphill or down, and can be used to loop together any number of great rides.