#22: Mill Creek Lookout/Mill Creek Ridge • 7 mi • gravel, dirt, downed trees


Mill Creek Lookout breaks off of the end of Mill Creek Road onto a rugged path and claws its way from the bottom of the valley onto the ridgetop that’s been sharpened over the millennia by the north and south forks of Mill Creek running parallel on either side. It’s remote, 4-wheelers-and-shotgun-shells territory up here, so make sure you have everything you need in the event of a double-flat-broken-derailleur-type scenario.

The only time I rode through Mill Creek Ridge, the road hadn’t been cleared of treefall for the year, so I had to lug my bike over and around about 100 trees for a mostly-unrideable 1.5-mile stretch. I also had bad weather, was alone, and teetering on the edge of turning back. These factors may have impacted my opinion of this very epic road.

I’ll try to come back on a warm day at the end of summer to see if this road deserves a promotion in its ranking. In theory, it’s pretty incredible.